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“In every person lies the beauty of his own individual”

Inspired by the old masters (Caravaggio) and contemporary artists such as especially Luïs Caballero and Roberto Ferri, I am looking for beauty that is present in every person. “In search of the characteristic”. A wrinkle or a fold of skin can already inspire me to display this in my own interpretation in my drawings and paintings. Trained as a drawing artist, I am constantly looking for figure poses. Compositions by several people who can tell a story. Being able to portray the peace and serenity of my work. In my opinion, a work of art needs no explanation. It is a representation of how I see the human being. Sometimes with confrontational reactions from the viewer. It touches me when someone judges my work, but not the broad interest I see in the beauty of the anatomy of the human body and let themself be distracted by the performance.

Drawing and painting had become important to me and has been essential in my development to where I am now as an artist.

Born in 1963 in Kerkrade and raised in the mining village of Eygelshoven, The Netherlands. Neighborhoods that were covered in black soot from the coal mines have left a deep impression. White houses, which had been blackened by the black dust from the mines, have now been restored to their white glory. Searching for fossils on the black coal mountain which contrasted between the green Limburg landscape.

The first acquaintance with art was at a very young age. Visit with my father to his brother and artist Ber Mengels (Nieuwe Haagse School). In my youth I wanted to go to art academy. Due to personal circumstances I made the choice to start working at the age of 18 years old. The care for the elderly and later working in the hospital have given me a special experience. By confronting the physical in my work in healthcare, I was now albe to integrate it into my drawing with respect for the human body and its anatomy. Decided to follow the art academy as a part-time course at the Municipal Academy Arendonk Belgium, in the direction of painting was unfortunately not allowed to take place because the group no longer allowed people. I have decided to sign up for the direction drawing. This showed me such an enormous amount of different ways and possibilities that I decided to follow the specialization degree which I was able to close with a “special mention” June 2014. This specialization degree forms a broader basis for me, as it were, the lessons about techniques and materials that the old masters used have greatly influenced my work. By following the lessons of Ghislain Geenen and confronting myself, he showed me to be a real “Mengels”. The trick is not to reproduce everything you observe, but to omit parts. The “Less is more” principle.

Through this site I want to show you a selection and give you an impression of my artwork. If you would like to react or ask a question, please use the contact form. I hope you enjoy browsing this site. Perhaps a connection between me to the old masters to show and challenge you what you mean by “Beautiful”.

Thanks, Wim Mengels


  • “Municipal Academy of Fine Arts” Arendonk BE, Degree of Drawing Art with Honorable mention 2014
  • “Masterclass of Academic Painting Roberto Ferri 7-13 Juni 2022 Sutri Italy.


  • POP-UP PALEIS, 5/6 maart 2022 11.00 – 17.00 uur Stadhuisplein 128 Tilburg
  • Kunstlooproute Goirke Tilburg, 2020
  • De Schatkamer Ateliers Tilburg, 2018
  • De Schatkamer Studio Dusseldorp Tilburg, 2017
  • Kunsthappening “De Prikkeling” Asse BE, 2014
  • ETZ Elisabeth Ziekenhuis Tilburg, 2013
  • Twiet Twiet Tilburg, 2012
  • KoMASK Het menselijk figuur Antwerpen 2010