Cay-T – NAKED & Album covers

“Naked” orig.
Pastel on board 100 x 100 cm


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First solo album from the singer of Shakes + Seven.  

A journey of 4 years from that moment she decided to make electronic music to this album.

Passion 4 Music & ArtArtwork: Wim Mengels

Singer/songwriter Cay-T asked me to make an album cover for her forthcoming album “Naked”. My art had similarities with the title song of her album, she said. I am very proud to contribute to this wonderful album. This album is a must for any music lover. Great songs composed by herself and sung with the beautiful voice of  Cay-T

“Berlin” C&M.K Album cover
“Naked” Cay-T Album cover

Met dank aan Cathy Krouwel